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If you are facing criminal charges, you need to get in touch with an experienced, dedicated attorney. At the Averbuck Law Firm, I can help you resolve those crimal charges with the tools learned from 17 years of fighting for my clients and thousands of cases.

If you are in or near the Bartow, Florida, you can depend on my experience and knowldege to guide you through the jungle of legal issues. Whether you are in need of help with domestic violence injuctions or illegal search and seizure, you can trust me to help you with your case.

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Child Abuse Defense Lawyer in Auburndale

At Averbuck Law Firm, we offer litigation for clients from all walks of life facing child abuse defense charges. If you have been charged with a crime in the Auburndale area, you can count on the 19 years of experience and knowledge our team holds at Averbuck Law Firm.

With the dire and time-sensitive nature of child abuse defense charges, Averbuck Law Firm works night and day to give our clients a sense of comfort and safety in their choosing us. Child abuse defense charges have the potential to ruin lives, but at Averbuck Law Firm, we work with our Auburndale area clients in attempts to provide the best possible chance for their success.

At Averbuck Law Firm, our team comprises of experienced, smart, and honest individuals who always put the needs of our Auburndale clients first. We have helped many individuals face their child abuse defense charges and come out ahead, and we do not plan on stopping this trend.

Your child abuse defense case may seem like an insurmountable task, but with an experienced defense team at your side in Auburndale you may soon be seeing a positive light on your chances. With 19 years working with clients throughout the area, Averbuck Law Firm invites you to give us a call at (863) 533-900 and learn how we can improve the chances of your case. 

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